Now is the perfect time to start!

I was watching an interview with Pulitzer Prize winning author Thomas Friedman this week who is part of a new series on Climate Change called “Years of Living Dangerously”.  In the interview Friedman was asked if it was too late to do anything to make a difference.  He responded:

“Now is the perfect time to start!”

I am not writing this blog to voice my opinion on climate change. (Although a little part of me wouldn’t complain if Chicago turns out to be the new Miami!)  However, starting now struck me as a great perspective.

I am told all the time, “it’s too late, I didn’t contribute to my retirement plan, I didn’t plan for my kid’s college, I haven’t done anything about my estate planning or I missed that investment opportunity”.

My response had been that “it’s never too late”.  Going forward, I think a much better way to look at it is “now is the perfect time to start!”

I know that instead of worrying about the sector that was missed, I can focus on the next asset that’s positioned for good performance. 

Maybe for you, now is the time for a portfolio review or to get a second opinion on your financial affairs.  If it’s not too late to make a difference when it comes to something as huge as climate change then maybe there is a little bit of room for this perspective in all of us.