Dan Bornstein: the man with a better financial plan.


In 2013, I started Boon Capital Advisors with the goal of being a completely different investment firm. Our job is to make you feel financially secure by supporting you through life’s complex financial decisions. You won’t find traditional advisors pushing their own agenda with profitable products and services. What you will find is an uncompromising full-service experience where you’ll feel like the only client on the roster. 



I started out as a college intern at Merrill Lynch where I developed an affinity for understanding markets and working with people. After college, I set out to work with large institutions to learn everything I could about their money management process.


At KeyBanc Capital, I sold large blocks of bonds to various mutual funds during the day, while earning my MBA at night. My experience at Key provided great insight into how large institutions looked at big bonds, with little consideration for individual investors. I learned how large institutions take advantage of inefficiencies created by the individual investors and brokerage houses that “serve” them. 


At Goldman Sachs, I worked in the Asset Management Division where I travelled extensively, speaking to various groups about the economy and the markets. I worked closely with the portfolio management teams at Goldman so I could better understand the process in order to convey their message. I also noticed institutions were not buying individual stocks and bonds, but rather using indices, managed accounts and alternatives.

After five years, I realized I needed to get back to what I really love about this business—helping people. I knew I wanted to bring individuals and families the same level of wealth management service that made the big institutions successful.


I joined the team at City Family Office/Smith Barney, which later became Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management. While there, I helped families look at their wealth on a holistic level. In other words, I helped people navigate life’s difficult financial choices by understanding their personal goals and risks. But the longer I stayed within the confines of a large corporation, the more I realized two things. 1. Corporations care more about their own profits than they care about my clients’ profits. 2. Advisors don’t evolve in big corporations. Instead, they become less nimble and lose the ability to find financial opportunity in unconventional places. And that didn’t sit well with my own personal values.


I have a wife and three kids with a lot of the same goals and financial choices as many of my clients. So I get it. I invest in the same opportunities for my clients as I would invest for myself. I look for financial opportunity in places the big corporations aren’t always willing to look. I deeply enjoy developing long-term relationships with people and making them money. This high-level personal approach to investing is why I started Boon. If you’ve read this far and our approach sounds interesting to you, let’s talk. (link to phone number)