1.  Describe your firm’s service profile.

A.     Describe the typical service your client expects and what your firm delivers as standard practice.

We aim to deliver “Four Seasons” style service to our clients.  We offer advice on our clients’ entire financial picture in a transparent and unbiased manner.

B.  How often do clients get to speak with an advisor and what is the advisor’s level of experience?

Dan Borstein has been in the financial industry for 18 years.  During that time, he has spent 9 years working with institutions and 9 years working with private clients.  Dan has a deep level of knowledge in all aspects of wealth management.


            C.     Does your firm utilize technology to interface with clients?   Yes                 

D.  Describe the ways clients can access their advisor and their information.

Clients can access their information using online access from TD Ameritrade Institutional and Black Diamond Performance Reporting.  This information is also available on any mobile device.

Dan Borstein can be reached through email and the website but also through his active blog and posting of articles of interest for clients to read.


E.  In what forms will your firm communicate with clients?

We take care to customize the style and frequency of communication based upon each client.  Some clients prefer more frequent communication, in person or by phone, some less and by electronic means.


C.     How many advisors does your firm have and what are their credentials?

Dan Borstein is the firm’s Lead Advisor.  Dan has his MBA and 18 years of experience in financial services.  Boon Capital Advisors and Dan Borstein are registered with the State of Illinois and the SEC

Erinn Duncker is an Associate at Boon Capital and is primarily responsible for client service.

How many support professionals does your firm have?

Dan Borstein and Erinn Duncker are also supported by an Advisory Team made up of industry specialists in Equities, Fixed Income, Alternatives, Accounting and Legal.

2.   How does your firm get paid?

A.     How does your firm get paid for investments it may recommend?

Boon Capital Advisors is paid a flat fee based on the percentage of assets it manages for a client.  This fee is the mechanism by which we can offer complete advisory services in all areas of a clients financial life.

Do some recommended investments pay your firm more than others?  No        

Fees are completely transparent.  Clients pay fees separately to Boon Capital Advisors.


B.     Are there any other forms of compensation (such as cash, trips, or other bonuses) that your firm may receive as a result of any business a client may engage in with your firm?  No       


C.    Does your firm receive compensation from any mutual fund or other investment companies that it may recommend?  No         


D.     Can your firm be paid a flat annual fee?  Yes       

Can it be an agreed upon dollar amount per year?  Yes                   

Can it be an agreed upon percentage per year?   Yes      


E.     Do you manage any client assets yourself?

Yes, Boon Capital Advisors uses asset allocation models when managing client assets.

Do you have any economic incentive to manage the funds yourself?  No              


F.    Aside from what a client pays you, what other costs would they incur?  Please be specific.

Clients pay internal expenses of the investments they purchase.


G.  Does your firm engage in soft dollar arrangements?  No                  


1.     What safeguards does your firm have in place to ensure that clients’ assets are
       protected from fraud?

A.     Where would a client’s assets be custodied?

Client asset protection is guaranteed through our custody agent, TD Ameritrade Institutional.  TD Ameritrade provides custodial services for more than 4,000 independent registered investment advisors, while offering trading and investing services for nearly six million client accounts, totaling more than $400 billion in assets.  Clients are provided with online access to their current account information through TD Ameritrade’s client website.


B.     Does your firm use any structures where it is deemed to have custody (e.g, limited liability companies or hedge funds) and where it is the manager?  No   


C.     Does your firm require that any investment that is not held by an independent custodian (such as partnerships, hedge funds, or LLC) utilize a well-known accounting firm to conduct audits of these investments? Yes              


D.    Do all of the funds/investments that may fall into the category above employ a third-party administrator?  Yes     


E.     Would this be a discretionary relationship or would your firm contact the client before making any changes to their portfolio?

This would be a discretionary relationship, but we want our clients to be aware of how their portfolios are positioned according to each clients’ risk tolerance and objectives.


F.     Who can move money out of clients’ accounts?

Only the client directly responsible for the account can move funds.


G.    How would clients’ accounts be titled?

Accounts are titled specifically in the name of the client or entity as instructed by the client or the entity.


1.     What do you do to stay current?

Dan spends many hours a week reading and doing research as well as attending industry conferences and continuing education events.


A.     What other skills do you bring to the relationship that can improve a family’s financial condition?

Dan is proficient in insurance, estate and liabilities planning.  As part of his services, he acts as an advocate for clients in these areas and helps them coordinate with other professionals.

2.     Does your firm’s performance report show a clients’ returns,

        net of all fees? Yes            

Does it illustrate each investment against an appropriate benchmark? Yes     


A.     If a client works with you, would they have a limited number of investment choices?  No   

B.     How many employees are employed as full-time research staff without any other responsibilities? 

We do not have a full time research staff.  Instead, we subscribe to various research sources including, ISI, Bespoke, Morningstar and others.