A Car that Costs 4 Cents?

 A Car that Costs 4 Cents?

Andy Grove the legendary former Intel CEO died on Monday at 79 years old.  Grove was a Hungarian born Holocaust Survivor who became one of the founders of Silicon Valley.  During his time at Intel, Grove championed Gordon Moore’s “law” of semiconductors.  Moore stated that “the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit would continue to grow exponentially.”

Grove pushed Intel to keep up with Moore’s law and with his leadership helped spur the road to less expensive high powered electronics.

In comparison if automobile technology had kept up with the same progress as Intel’s processors, cars would:

·      Go almost 300,000 miles per hour

·      Get over 2,000,000 miles per gallon of gas

·      Cost only 4 Cents

 Although it may be slowing, there is no questioning the impact that  Grove, Intel and Moore’s law has on society and our everyday lives.